A Sweet Focus


I remember clearly my earliest brushes with photography: the original Polaroid pressed between my young fingers, shaking up and down and back and forth, exposure and color slowly fading into the film; my careful hands flipping over with eager glee, then dawdling to caress a face I knew and loved.


Holding in my hands more than an image, a photo, but a lasting memory. That’s the power of photography, that each of us can hold in our own hands a piece of time which will transcend us and outlive us and remember us.

Despite slow mornings with homemade lattes, great kitty cuddles with my cats, Game of Thrones marathons, and delicious French pastries, photos are what I go back to. Photos are what matter, because they are the enduring, tangible memory of those we love.

A Sweet Focus is my opportunity to work with the most wonderful couples, offering St. Louis and the world wedding photo and video that will endure. I can’t wait to sit with you over coffee to chat about your wedding.